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OneDollarGlasses USA (ODG) is proud to announce a partnership with retailers in North America through its Retail Optical Program.  This program will allow participating optical stores and their customers to support ODG’s worldwide programs to bring vision to those in need.


Pair of Glasses Graphic Pair for Pair Program: For each pair of eyeglasses purchased, the retailer donates a percentage of their sales to ODG USA. 


Donation Box Graphic Donation Box Program: Customers frequently offer to pay for repairs or adjustments.  By hosting a OneDollarGlasses 


Benefits of partnering with ODG USA:  Contributions help ODG continue to grow, thrive, and provide eyeglasses to those in need.   ODG USA will be your optical nonprofit partner providing affordable access to eyeglasses globally.  Customers feel good about their contribution and patronizing a retailer that gives back.


OneDollarGlasses USA is a US 501 (c)(3) public charity. We are set up to easily and conveniently accept your tax exempt donations. Please know that each and every donation is highly valued, as it contributes to bringing sight globally.  Please make your donations through the link below when sufficient funds have accrued in your donation box or pair for pair program.  We will send you a receipt confirming your donation.

Thank you!