Malawi Volunteer Program
Happy girl from Malawi | © Isabel Bilger

Malawi Volunteer Program

Currently, OneDollarGlasses has a program in Malawi for which ODG USA is recruiting US optical interns.  These interns will provide support in many areas.  For instance, one aspect of OneDollarGlass‘s sustainable business model is to provide intensive optical training to our in-country staff who utilize these skills to provide eyeglasses to the local population.  The international interns help teach the training, mentor our Good Vision Technicians, participate in outreaches and help out in our optical stores. 

While the in-country program benefits from the technical expertise that the visitors bring, it is likely the intern brings home even more: There is the opportunity to live and learn with the people of Malawi, experience its culture, food and language and have in-the-field optical experience.

The needs for interns (both optical and business related) changes over time, but in general the specifics are:

-          6 to 12 months of full integration into ODG’s sustainable optical business programs

For more information about this program, please contact:  [email protected]