First Support of ODG USA
Michael Kreuzer | © Jennifer Hyde

First Support of ODG USA

Our first generous supporter is Michael Kreuzer, owner of GlassesHalfFull (GHF), an optometric and optical practice in Edmonton, Canada.  GHF has a Pair-for-Pair program, where they donate to ODG USA the equivalent material cost of a pair of OneDollarGlasses for every pair they sell.  Those funds go to enhancing our programming and extending our reach so that many more have access to glasses they need to function comfortably every day. 

This type of Pair-for-Pair program is a win for all involved.  GlassesHalfFull’s customers have the satisfaction of knowing their purchase contributed not only to the improvement of their own vision, but to others in need as well.  GHF is excited about supporting ODG USA and sharing information about our transformative bended frame model with its patients.  And, of course, ODG USA is thrilled about the visibility of this program to the glasses-wearing population of Edmonton.

If you are interested in exploring partnerships of this kind, please be in touch:  [email protected]

These funds not only go towards glasses manufacturing, but also help establish training programs that teach local people sight testing, glasses fitting and assembly, and general business management. The goal of this program is to create a completely sustainable model for providing eyeglasses to underserved communities in Africa, South America and Asia.