Our Mission

OneDollarGlasses USA was established in January 2018 to support and bring the story of OneDollarGlasses good works to the US and expand upon its successful social business programming to reach those in need of eyeglasses globally.  We are the sister organization of EinDollarBrille (in German, OneDollarGlasses) which was founded in 2012.  They have programs in eight countries around the world (Africa, South America, and India) which ODG USA will be supporting as well as developing new projects of our own.

ODG USA became a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity in March 2019. 

The ODG complete solution includes local production of glasses, frames, training of local opticians, free vision testing, as well as immediate assembly, fitting and maintenance of long-lasting glasses. Our objective is to enable people living in poverty access to inexpensive and visually appealing glasses while simultaneously creating employment.  It is our vision to establish financially independent basic eye care programs in the world’s poorest countries.

We are committed to honesty, responsibility, and transparency with our donations. We will keep you informed about our ongoing projects and how your donation is being put to work. We greatly appreciate every dollar we receive, as donations are the building blocks of our work.